Wednesday, September 16, 2015

7 Things I Want To Do Before I Graduate

I'm over New Year's Resolutions. I never do them anyways. So I decided to think of a couple of things I want to personally do before I leave my wonderful university! Because if I don't do it in college... when will I ever do them? Summer? HAH RIGHT. I am currently a living, breathing example of trying to be proactive during the summer: I DID NOTHING.

I seriously told myself that I would be productive. I guess I finished Netflix shows and I lost some weight and I did healthy things, but let me be productive to society. My couch has seen enough of my butt for years to come.

1) Get Into Law School
Because the Lord and I both know that if I get rejected this time around, I'm just calling quits forever. Although this one has lots of many mini sections like taking the LSAT, writing my personal statement, and filling out my damn applications. But I'll lump them into one.

2) Visit Multiple Local Eateries
Chains do not count (unless they're only pertinent to this location!) I'm in a place with lots of cute food places. Let me check them out! Seriously, if I don't do these while I'm here in college... I have no idea when the next time I'll be back. Homecoming? Sure but will I really be up to eating at new places? Probably not.

3) Go Adventuring
Because my butt and my couch need a break... Let my cute butt visit a quarry or some mountains. Or, we can start small and go visit the gardens first. Baby steps.

4) Say Yes More
Not like "Yes Man" the movie. But I'm just going to be more open to different possibilities. Dinner? YES. Lunch? YES. You're paying? Double triple YES. Girl I rarely remember from freshman year wants to reconnect? YES. Tinder date? YES. Party? YES. Adventuring? YES. Mountain climbing? ........... YES *but actually crying.* If I'm not doing anything, then why not? Like I said, my butt and my couch need a break.

5) Be More Simple
I threw away like 75% of my clothes. I want to downsize and play with basics. I'm pretty. Let my face do the talking and let my clothes and makeup complement it. Also, who has time for drama? Not me. Who has time to get angry and over analyze things? I apparently do all the time, but I don't want to anymore. Let's strike that.

6) Publish Something
iBooks, Kindle, Amazon Books, Google Books, whatever. I just want to publish one of the stories I am trying to write. I've published articles but now I want to upgrade.

7) Lose Weight and Do Me
I'm getting there, guys, I'm getting there. Goal weight is like another 30 pounds by graduation! (And 40 pounds by law school next year.) It's tough, but I'm getting there!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Music Monday

Well, lookie here... I'm trying to think of the most effective way to lay out my Music Mondays. I can't redirect you to my Spotify playlists anymore, but that doesn't mean Music Mondays are over! I think for now I'll just do the same format for my Monday posts (top 3 songs), but on the Main Tab, I'll just keep on adding to make a larger list of all of the songs.

So without further ado...

1. "All My Love (ft Ariana Grande & Machel Montano) [Remix]" Major Lazer.

Oh. My. God. As much as I do not particularly enjoy Ariana, THIS SONG IS SO GOOD. I cannot sit still whenever I play it. It's crack.

2. "Cool for the Summer" Demi Lovato


3. "Mercy" Muse

This whole album is just soooooooo good. Plus this song is 100 when you're driving with the windows down. *so badass.*

MIA Update

As I'm sitting at my internship, freaking out on some caffeine, I thought to myself "WOAH I STILL HAVE A BLOG." I have semi-valid reasons for not updating it, I really do.
  • Music Monday: So I started Apple Music and it's wonderful but I'm *so lazy* that I haven't really been keeping track of what I've been listening to except my Of Monsters and Men, Mumford and Sons, AWOLNation, and Years & Years radio. 
  • Paleo Kitchen: I swear I'm still paleo. I just haven't made anything pretty yet. But I made three awesome recipes: Coconut Craisin cookies and Goat Cheese Avocado Pasta Sauce and Dip. I'll make them really pretty and take pictures and tell you how I made them and all will be right with the world.
  • Life: So I started NCIS on Netflix and I'm sure you'd love to hear ALL ABOUT IT, right? No. I swear all I do is sit on my couch and watch Netflix and make food. I would love to tell you about the packing I've done, the self-actualization I've been doing, and the studying for my LSAT, but I haven't started those. 
But then I realized, I created this blog for me and to express myself and to be me. And I've been neglecting that. So, let's try a Looking Forward for the week...
  • Working Out! I haven't done physical activity in like a week. I blame my period but also that's a lame excuse for me since I only have slight cramps and muscle aches which I know can be alleviated with some exercise if I ever feel like I want to get up and do it.
  • Noveling: The art of writing a novel. So I have commitment issues. I can never commit and finish a story I start. So, I decided to start smaller and write a short story. I'm on chapter 3/7. I can do this. Thanks, Shia.
  • Packing: I am leaving home IN A WEEK (to go to the beach.) I have not yet packed. I am getting rid of all clothes that I have not worn in a year. This will be painful. I found a skirt I had from the NINTH GRADE. Yellow plaid double buckle drop waist pleated skirt, straight out of the "How To Be Emo 101 In High School" guide book.
  • Discipline: I will work out and I will train myself to do it everyday.
  • LSAT: At least 30 minutes a day. I can do this, right? My test is October 3rd... Actually, send help. I can't do this.
  • Music Monday: I'm going to find cool tunes. It won't be via Spotify anymore since I've switched to Apple Music, but if I make the switch back to Spotify,  I'll definitely let you know!
  • Writing: I AM AN AWESOME WRITER. I'm going to start hyperlinking to some of the articles I've written. They're about Beauty but still. They're awesome. 
  • Me: There is nothing wrong with watching Netflix.
  • Friends: I made so many plans to hang out with people this week. I'm laughing because I hate making plans to hang out with people. I'll commit to them and be friendly and stuff. 
Like I said though, I have commitment issues, so we'll see, we'll see.

Friday, July 10, 2015

My First (College) Love

Being in love SUCKS. Unrequited loved SUCKS MORE. And being thrown off of a cliff would probably SUCK THE MOST. So, let's start this post with some optimism: At least I have never been thrown off a cliff before :).

I try to do the "tough girl" act as if I don't have feelings. Some people believe it until they get to know me and they know how much of a softy I really am. I love puppies, babies, my puppy, my future babies, wine, cooking, and making stuff. This is in addition to my love of makeup, beauty, and clothes.

I swear I wasn't always tough. Some assholes and ex-friends had to go and break my heart. So then, I get upset and I fix myself back together with the intent of not letting anybody break my heart again. Guess what happens? Yeah, yeah, yeah, please I'll take the tissue you're about to offer me *sniffle sniffle.*

So I get to college and I think "Not this time, I swear."

Logically, it happens.

I met this guy... thinking about our history makes me want to cry and throw my laptop at his head. We never dated, which is probably what makes things worse, but I considered him one of my best friends. I'm wary on posting this because I'd probably rip my heart out if he saw this, but I also just need to talk about it because I'm about to go "let me watch horror movies, anti love movies, eat all the food in the world, and cry about boys" mode and for the love of all the body progress I've been making (and the fact that this would not be healthy for anybody I would manage to rope in,) I decided to write about it.

I really want to write about every single memory I can remember, but I think I've tortured myself enough by replaying them countless times.

I don't know, guys, he was kinda perfect for me, or at least I thought so. We had comfortable silences, I loved just watching him, he was there when I needed him, he was (disturbingly) funny (in his own ways,) and he was just a good person. And when we hugged, OH MY GOD, it was as satisfying as placing the missing puzzle piece in an almost finished masterpiece. Such a lame analogy, but that's how I felt.

Then, something happened. I don't know what. I have my guesses and theories, but I just don't know. We stopped being friends. To me, it felt extremely abrupt, as if somebody (him) just snapped our connection, not even in half, but just on his side, leaving me with all these painful memories. And do you know what's funny? The minute I felt our friendship die, his twitter profile picture (it was us, the cutest picture of us EVER) was changed to one of just himself. LAME.

I should show you the Twitter picture because it was really the cutest picture ever (he even said it was one of his favorites AND HE HAD IT SAVED ON HIS DESKTOP)... But for the sake of his privacy, let's not.

So, I really don't know what went wrong. Was it me? Was it him? Was it an outside force? I know I could just ask him but let's be real about how the convo will go.

Me: "Hey... So... Why did we stop being friends?"
Him: "I was busy. We should catch up."
Me: "Awesome, okay."

And then we catch up and that's the extent of our conversation. I mean, I could always be like "I LOVED YOU WHAT HAPPENED!" But in what world has that ever turned out okay for anybody?

Yeah, thought so.

I can assure you... After him, nobody has entered my heart as he did. I keep guys away at arm's length, like back at my middle school Catholic school dances. I barely even give friends a chance. I'm all messed up but I made a promise to myself to be more open this upcoming school year, so we will see how that goes.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Paleo Kitchen: Trail Mix

I don't know why I felt the need to make a post on this, but I really did feel obliged to do so. When I created this, I could have sworn I discovered fire (or somebody's mixtape hahaha.) Like, who knew trail mix was so easy to make? NOT I. Actually, I was never a big fan of trail mix anyways soooooo...

I was starving at my friend's house and she had trail mix and I was like "I CAN ONLY EAT THE CASHEWS AND RAISINS." And she was like "Why don't you make your own?" And I was like ":O."

So I did. I made some trail mix and I put it in a bowl so that I can snack on it during the work day! I'll give you a place to begin, but it's so much fun to experiment!

Trail Mix


  • 1 ounce cashews (~16 pieces)
  • 2 ounces almonds (~32 pieces)
  • 1 ounce organic unsweetened coconut flakes
  • 1/2 ounce 100% cacao chips
  • Mix them together
  • Eat over the course of a day
  • :D

Like, this looks goooooooodddd. Next time, I'm going to add some raisins or dried cranberries. Maybe some other dried fruits. It needs some sugar to pick me up. But I make this for work 1-2 times a week and I'll eat a little every 30 minutes or so to keep me not hungry :).

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lost Connections: Mystery Man

I brought along my laptop to vacation because I was determined that I was going to keep you guys updated about my time in Europe.

Then I got there and yeah, well, no. It's not that I didn't want to, but my day to day was not nearly as exciting as I thought it would be.

Unfortunately I did not meet an international popstar in Italy or my doppelgänger. Plus, nobody gave me a hunkin' huge piece of cheese.

Nor did I want to constantly complain about my parents and talk about the history I do not know about the monuments we visited, so I decided to scrap the project.

But then I met a guy... I'm laughing because if you personally know me, my greatest/weirdest/most WTF stories usually involve one of two elements: boys or alcohol. Some stories involve both and it is just too much to handle, for reals.

So I met a guy. HE WAS PERFECT (for a short term fling while on vacation.) He said he graduated from Columbia University in NYC on a basketball scholarship. Then he said he was going to Columbia Law to study international and maritime law. Normally, I don't usually question what people tell me unless they have a reason to lie. I really don't think I'm a person who looks like I need to be impressed by big names: heck, people still think I'm in high school! And it's not like where I told him where I go to school, so it's not like he needed to up me. I guess you can be whoever you want to be on vacation, but if you're going to be somebody else, you should do some research.

First rule of tall tales: make sure it can't be easily falsified. Easy google search of his name, Columbia, basketball roster turned up nothing. Like, absolutely nothing. I don't normally stalk guys on Google unless I want something more than a one week fling, but his story just wasn't adding up. I go to a school that incites some serious reactions from people. I don't know why, it just does. So when I eventually told him where I went, he was like "Oh. Where's that? Oh. Okay......?"

Yeah, no, huge red flag right there.

For the sake of his attractiveness, the fact that (some) intellectual things actually came out of his mouth, and his hips moving in a godly way, I ignored this first red flag and continued pursuing him. Nothing happened between us (because I'm lame and do a thing where I avidly avoid people.) But then after our second encounter and another red flag (the fact that he said he studied political science but didn't know Obama was in his second term... dude) I made my friends investigate. When they turned up nothing, I became rly 'spicious.

Part of me was like "HE SKETCHY HE A SERIAL KILLER HE SHADY SHIT" but the other part of me was like "This guy who looks extremely attractive with a body of 8/10 and amazing dance moves is talking to ME." So I pushed things away because a hot guy was talking to me.

You know, I should really work on my self-confidence. What if he preys on girls who think less of themselves like me and then kills them? If I had died, I would have wanted Keke Palmer or Gabrielle Union to play me in the Lifetime movie.

Even with all these red flags, I was still kinda infatuated by him. At the moment, I was not 100% sure he was lying. It wasn't until I did my own research (because my friends didn't know what he looked him) that I was like "THAT DIRTY LIAR." Yet, still, he continues to be on my mind, as made evident by the fact that I am writing a blog entry about him.

So, if you know this man, please let me know. I have a few words I'd like to tell him.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Paleo Kitchen: Fried Cauliflower Rice

This shit ain't pretty, but it's yummy, so that's truly all that matters in this case.

I have HATED cauliflower up until I went paleo. Now, I tolerate it, but I can only do so if it is prepared well. So, I decided to make some fried rice with it. It was a little bit soft, but I'll work on that. If you decide to make this and you have tips, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Kk, thanks.

Cauliflower Fried Rice 

Ingredients (for 3-4 people)

  • 6 ounces of organic mixed veggies (mine have corn, peas, beans, carrots, but you can usually whatever you want. My mother likes it with lima beans and broccoli. Low-key, I'd rather starve than eat those. YUCK.)
  • 1 cup uncooked cauliflower rice (made by shredding a cauliflower)
  • 1 chicken breast, cooked, cut into small cubes
  • 1 chicken sausage link, cooked, cut into small pieces
  • 4 cloves minced garlic
  • 1 ounce onions
  • Sea Salt
  • 1-2 tbsp tamari sauce
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbsp olive oil 
  • Heat up 1 tbsp of olive oil in a wok on medium heat
  • Add the garlic and the onions and let cook for 3-4 minutes
  • Add the mixed veggies and let cook for 3 minutes.
  • Then add the chicken breast and sausage. 
  • Sprinkle some salt.
  • Push to one side of the wok and scramble your eggs on the other side. You want your eggs to be cooked and then cut into smaller pieces before mixing it with your stir fry.
  • Add a tablespoon of the tamari sauce and then remove the stir fry mixture and place on a plate or in a bowl.
  • Heat up another tbsp of olive oil before adding the cauliflower rice. Add some salt. Cook for 4-5 minutes.
  • On high heat, add a tbsp of tamari sauce and mix until the rice is a light brown.
  • Add the stir fry and mix until it looks even.
  • Cook over high heat for another minute or two, making sure to keep on mixing it every now and then.

Look. Yum. It's comfort food,  but it's made out of organic food and cauliflower.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Paleo Kitchen: Avocado Egg Basket

Ask anybody... I am NOT partial to avocados. I usually skip the guac unless it is just filled with parsley, cilantro, tomatillos, and onions. Also, I need like 500 chips for an ounce of guac. And I just don't eat avocados. And that was just because I didn't know how to eat them.

Did you know that they taste good with eggs? I didn't. Good for you if you did. I stumbled upon a recipe where you crack an egg into the avocado and bake it. I tried that. It failed miserably. I won't even entertain you with pictures of the horrid attempt. So I scratched that and tried something else (because for some reason I was gung ho on eating an avocado.)

I scrambled the eggs and avocado together and it turned out PERFFFFFect.

This recipe is great for doing things on the run. Mix it, pop it in, go do something else, come back to it, and eat it.
 Avocado Egg Basket 

Ingredients (for 2 people)

  • 1 ripe avocado, halved, pitted
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 tbsp goat*, almond, or coconut milk
  • Sea salt
  • Parsley
  • Preheat the oven to 425 degrees
  • Scrape out the avocado meat (do we call it meat?) into a bowl. You don't have to fully scrape it out. I find that leaving a thin layer makes the dish very good.
  • Mix in the eggs, milk, salt, and parsley (and whatever spices/meats you like!)
  • Make sure the mixture is not too chunky (I usually use an electric blender)
  • Then pour the mixture back into the avocado shell. You will notice that you have leftover... At this point, I usually transfer it to a tiny oven safe dish or a cupcake tinfoil (great way to make portable egg muffins!)
  • I put the avocado in a bread loaf pan because it allows the avocado to stand up well without falling over. And then you can place the tinfoil in there too!
  • Then I let it bake for 15-20 minutes.
  • After removing it, I topped mine with shredded ham and shredded goat* cheese.
  • Enjoy ;).
I'll usually take a shower in those 15-20 minutes and then come down and eat my breakfast. Yum. I say 2 people because 1 avocado basket and then part of the egg muffin with a glass of coconut milk and a side of fruits usually does the trick for me. Other times I just eat both baskets and give the extra eggs to my brother who eats it with his gluten-free bread and milk. It's up to you and your appetite!

I wonder what else I can bake my eggs in...

*Goat milk isn't paleo but it is primal and I use raw, organic, grass-fed goat milk. It has a strong taste but it complements eggs so wonderfully in my opinion! My brother drinks it regularly, but I'll only use it in my eggs. I found unflavored almond or coconut milk works well to give the eggs a good milky flavor :).

Thursday, June 18, 2015

#TBT: The Time I Had Clubbing Withdrawals

I kind of miss the #TBT Thursday series, but I never updated them anyways, so definitely not worth it. If I can get enough #TBT posts, maybe I'll restart the tab :).

So this past weekend, I went to see The Maccabees in concert and then went to UltraBar with my friends.

It was "disgustingly fun." That is the word I've been using to describe my night to anybody who asked (or didn't ask. I like to keep people updated on my life whether they ask or not.)

First off, I was looking fleekish AS HELL (do you think people will still say on fleek, fleeky, fleekish, etc in the future? Probably not.)

Like, I was looking gooooddddd. Black short sleeve crop top from Wet Seal and white floral skort from Kohl's. Y'all didn't know me in my less toned days, but I came a long way from starting paleo and doing cardio at least 3 times a week a month ago! I fucked up my lashes when I first put them on (as evident in the left eye), but I fixed them and added some lipstick.

Like, I kinda look sweaty, but I still look 100%. That red lipstick is life. I wear it with everything. I call it my neutral lip. It's NARS Audacious Lipstick in Charlotte ($32.) I've never used a lipstick more lavish and amazing before in my life. End of story. If you get anything from this post, get the lipstick.

So my friend and I ventured out to DC to go see The Maccabee's, a British rock/alternative band. We left late but we caught half their set.

The bassist to the far right is super cute in a tall, dark, classic way. The drummer (not pictured, sorry baby) is also super cute in a blonde, blue-eyed, tall, preppy but I wear straight skinny jeans instead of khakis and chinos, way. They were goooooddd. But then the set ended at like 9:30.

We were in DC at 9:30 pm. The Pride Parade was going on that day so there were a bunch of people in the streets. We still had no idea what to do. So, I texted my friends who were in DC to see what they were up to. THEY WANTED TO GO CLUBBING #YES.

Now if you know me, you know I frequent Shooters a lot. If you don't know me, you have no idea what I just said. I like to go to Shooters, a Western style club/bar. It's "disgustingly fun." I'm telling you, this is a great adjective to use all the time. Now, I like to say that I dislike Shooters, but deep down, there's a place in my heart for it. One thing I knew to be true, I need to get my fix of dancing and sweating with friends and guys trying to buy me drinks. I never realized I missed it until I missed it.

SOOOO We went clubbing #YOLO.

Look, my girls and I are fleekish. ALSO LET'S TAKE THIS TIME TO LOOK AT MY BODY. IT's shaping up and I am so happy *tear face happy face*. I am wearing a CROP TOP because my abs are on 90%. They aren't 100 yet, but they look good in a crop top, so that's all that matters now. Plus, my boobs are looking 100. Like I don't know what happened but they're kinda very awesome.

I used my fake to get in (even though I wasn't going to buy drinks.) The amount of guys who have asked to buy me drinks and dance with me. Dude, I felt so hot. These weren't ugly guys too. They reeked of desperation, but they weren't ugly. But I just wanted to dance with my fleeky girls and have fun. I let guys dance on me for the heck of it, but wasn't feeling dancing with them.

At one point, one of my friends and I got onto a bar to start dancing. Ah... Just like Shooters <3.

There was this one guy who was actually like "WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR YOU TO DANCE WITH ME? YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL!" And I was like "No." And he was like "What do you want? A bottle of champagne? I'll buy you one!" And I was like "Naaahhhh." But he never understood what "NO!" meant. I felt a bit stalked on the dance floor because he was ALWAYS THERE. At one point, he was making out with a girl, made eye contact with me, and then left her to try to talk to me again.

Bruh. Nah.

The worst part is... As I'm trying to escape him, there are even cuter and hotter guys who are making eye contact with me and we smile across the dance floor. I SHIT YOU NOT THIS HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE. But because of the creep, they'd smile and then they'd walk away. Is there anyway to send a distress signal without crying?

I had to convince myself that it was OKAY that I was MISSING OUT ON HOT GUYS because I just wanted to dance with my friends. I'm still trying to convince myself. I'll get over it soon, maybe.

Overall, it was "disgustingly fun." Fun but hella sweaty :).

Well, that was a super fun Saturday night <3.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Paleo Kitchen: Chardonnay Shrimp Scampi

There are actually no words to describe my love of shrimp scampi and Chardonnay. So, I decided to put them together because why not? It's paleo... right? (Maybe not 100% the wine, but... it's wine. Isn't it essential to life? I think Cavemen and cavewomen alike would make multiple exceptions.)

Can I just complain for a quick second? I LOVE SHRIMP! WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE CALORIE FILLED? Damn things. I mean like... 6 large/extra large pieces for 140 calories. I can low-key easily eat like 18 pieces of shrimp soooooooo.... Stackin' up them caloriessssss. I try to only eat shrimp like 4 times a month (aka every other week and then the next day for leftovers, yum.)

Also... It is just SO TEMPTING to snack on the shrimp as you're making them. The best chef always tastes her own food from time to time ;). But these tasty little morsels are just... Well, gotta taste them all, right?


Okay, let me give y'all the recipe because that's why you're probably reading this hahaha.

Chardonnay Shrimp Scampi


  • 2 pounds of thawed, raw, unshelled shrimp (any size shrimp works, but I personally love the large/extra large ones)
  • 4 cloves minced garlic
  • 2 tbsp garlic oil
  • 1/2 diced tomato
  • 6 ounces of Chardonnay (cheap is fine, the world will continue. I use Oak Leaf. They're like $3-5/bottle!!!)
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil (or ghee, but the coconut oil is just as good)
  • 1 diced jalapeno
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tbsp parsley (I love parsley, so I'm never parse on it, hehe)
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice or the juice from 1 lemon
  • Lemon zest from 1 lemon
  • Heat up the olive oil in a large sauce pan on medium heat.
  • Throw in the garlic and jalapenos for 3-4 minutes (If the smell of jalapenos bother you, then wait to throw them in!)
  • Throw in the tomatoes. (Then throw in the jalapenos if you didn't put them initially!)
  • Add the coconut oil (or ghee)
  • Throw in the shrimp and cook for about 1-2 minutes.
  • Add the salt and parsley.
  • Add the lemon juice.
  • Throw in the Chardonnay. Then cover and let sit for 4-5 minutes.
  • Uncover and then add the lemon zest. Mix.
  • Lower the heat until it simmers and let it simmer for about 10 minutes with the cover half on.

Okay, this was boring, but it photographs so beautifully. I only used romaine lettuce, carrots (which I peeled to make small ribbons), and raw onions. Then I used the sauce from the shrimp as my dressing. And then topped it off with shrimp (and extra parsley!) 

The whole thing was yummy! Not all too filling, so make sure to add a side of veggies! I had baby carrots and green beans on the side that were tossed in the sauce :).

So, these instructions and ingredients might not work for you, but that's fine. I'm not one to stick to recipes and neither should you. Cooking is so much more fun when you are inspired by something and then free hand the rest! I don't even actually use measuring utensils, so everything listed is a rough estimate, hehehe. I hope you enjoy it though :D!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Friday Reflections: 6/15/15

Yes yes, I know today is not Friday but let's ignore that for now and let's pretend today is Friday.

Once again, another uneventful and peaceful week. So let's rewind back to last week's "Looking Ahead":

Looking ahead: Italy and the cruise (read places where I cannot escape pasta and grains) is in T minus 16 days. We leave on Sunday the 21st. On the 20th, I'll be doing Fitness Fest hopefully and getting a much deserved mani-pedi and threading for my face. On the 19th, I have a photoshoot as part of my internship! How cool is that? So in these next two weeks, I will be all about the fitness and the health and the toning and the running.

And let's see...

LEAVING FOR ITALY ON SUNDAY YAYAYAYAYAYA! I'm still waiting on my dad to prescribe me some Xanax so that I cannot have a freaking cardiac arrest on the plane.

I will NOT be doing Fitness Fest on Saturday, but I think I'll be doing Jazz in the Gardens :).

Mani-Pedi and threading will be Thursday instead of Saturday.

And photoshoot is still on, I believe :).

I unfortunately worked out 0 times this past week. I started working out this Saturday. Let's remember this: I did 2 miles in 28 minutes. My goal is 3 miles in 35 minutes by the end of summer.

Let's see what else...

I hung out with some Chi O friends this weekend. We went to UltraBar and it was disgustingly entertaining. Sweaty people and pushy guys, but I still had fun and I enjoyed the music :).

ANDDDD I asked a Tinder guy out to hang out with me in the Gardens on Friday. So we will see how that goes. I'll definitely do a "Friday Reflection" on that same day ;).

So, Looking ahead: Definitely working out everyday until Sunday. That will happen. I will make it happen. Packing light (for me that is 2 outfits a day instead of 3.) And hopefully going out to the Gardens on Friday and hanging out with Tinder guy.

I want to start a Tinder tab of all my Tinder adventures, but I don't have any soooooooo. Oh well. Maybe if this goes well, I'll adventure some more.

#cool cool

Music Monday

So to expand my own Music Monday music tastes, I've been browsing Spotify for 2-3 playlists a week and picking out my favorite songs. Unfortunately, I liked all the songs I've been favoriting and it was so hard to pick out my top 15, let alone my top 3. And then I had to rank them by how much I listen to them! So this week, there is no order to my list.

"Bombtastic" Bonnie McKee

I'm feeling bombtastic AF.

"Where Are Ü Now" Jack Ü

I've never been a big Beiber fan but this song is the Bieb's knees.

"OctaHate" Ryn Weaver


Aaaaannnndddd, check out the full list on the Music Monday tab and check out this month's full Music Monday list on Spotify :).

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Paleo Kitchen: Energizing Milkshake

Easy peasy, lemon-squeezy. I was reading something somewhere that said that raw eggs (hormone free, organic, free range) are good for you. Way better than cooked eggs. When you cook the eggs, the protein structure gets messed up and that's why people have egg allergies. So I started having raw eggs. 

Newsflash: they're not tasty. Yuck.

So I started drinking them with coconut milk!

Tasty but then if you don't mix the eggs well, then you caste feel it going down your throat. Appealing, right?

But then I started getting hungry like an hour after having it! Which really is no surprise. It's protein and 60 calories worth of milk. But I wanted a way to stay full longer. And for the eggs to blend better. So I created the milkshake! YUM. Tastes like vanilla ice cream, so I feel as if I'm treating myself :D! Low calorie too :).

You don't need much.

Energizing milkshake 


6 oz unsweetened vanilla coconut milk (it has a crapton of Vitamin D and Vitamin B12)
6 oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk (crapton of Calcium and Vitamin E)
2 raw organic eggs
1 tbsp organic raw honey (if you want it sweet!)
6 - 8 oz of cubed ice


Put everything in a blender. Blend. Add more ice if you want to thicker. 

What you have now is a low calorie milkshake with a lot of nutrients which gives you a lot of energy and makes you feel full and refreshed :)! Plus in my opinion, tastes like the Starbucks vanilla frappé.

So, enjoy!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Music Monday

Look at this... Two times in a row. #Wowza. This past week I've been pretty much on an uplifting/EDM/dance party mood.

So I give you my top 3 songs from this past week:

1. "Want To Want Me" Jason DeRulo

I know this was featured at #4 last week, but oh, my God, it is just SO CATCHY.

2. "Bad Girls" MKTO

3. "Beautiful Now" Zedd

As always, check out the rest of my list on the Music Monday tab :). Happy listening!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Reflections: 6/5/15

Ah. Today marks the end of the first week in June and the end of my first full week at work! I've been pretty much at peace with myself lately. I intern at The DC Ladies and hopefully I'll be volunteering at the American Cancer Society!

I'm just happy. No reason whatsoever. Maybe it's the paleo: I feel lighter and healthier and happier. I cheated and ate some wheat, but I still felt so freakin' good. So there's that :).

I haven't been to the gym lately, but I should probably get back to that... The weather has been disgusting and after running outside in the nice, fresh air, the gym has got me feeling a little claustrophobic when I use the treadmill. Maybe I'll search the site and see what group fitness classes they have on my free days and then go for a run on the days I have work.

Looking ahead: Italy and the cruise (read places where I cannot escape pasta and grains) is in T minus 16 days. We leave on Sunday the 21st. On the 20th, I'll be doing Fitness Fest hopefully and getting a much deserved mani-pedi and threading for my face. On the 19th, I have a photoshoot as part of my internship! How cool is that? So in these next two weeks, I will be all about the fitness and the health and the toning and the running.

Would it be beneficial for me to make a tab so that I can keep myself accountable? I'm not sure if it will be... I've been counting calories, but is it worth it in paleo? I stopped a couple days ago and I noticed that my food habits haven't really changed, except now I don't feel guilty when I eat an ounce of cashews or almonds when I'm hungry!


Well. I probably won't do the fitness tab but I'll still continue the paleo tab :). Today, I'm making cauliflower rice to eat with leftover ground beef. I'd add that but I don't find that important enough to add to my list of recipes since they're both basic but great staples!

I don't have any weekend plans except cleaning my room, yay...

OH. I forgot to add: my dog has a stupid yeast infection in her ear. Ugh that's so sad and annoying. And her right kneecap keeps popping, but the Doctor said as long as she's not limping, she's good.

Well, I should end on a positive note...

I'm trying to actually write a novel and I'm halfway through chapter 2! I want to finish it this summer. We will see what happens! Ah!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Paleo Kitchen: Pizza + Truffles

Ah! Today's my first installment of my favorite paleo recipes that you need to try out! I'm going above and beyond the basic paleo staples and give you a meal.

I was craving, and I mean craving, some pizza and a nice decadent chocolate dessert. So guess what I did? Made some :). I was so close to running (like actually running, sprinting) to the Pizza Hut behind my house to get some pizza. I keep getting bombarded with Pizza Hut's latest pizza and the resistance has been great until the craving began.

So today I will tell you what I made and how I made it, starting first with the pizza (obvi!)

Goat Cheese Pizza (12 inches)

Guys, I really hope you can eat goat cheese. It is the weirdest best thing I have ever eaten. It's strong and a bit bitter but it grows on you. Plus, it makes a GREAT pizza topping if you can't or won't eat dairy products from cows. I bought goat milk cheese from a local certified farm that lets its animals roam free, pasture-raised, healthy eating... You know, all the good things. So, without further ado...


  • 6 oz Tapioca Flour/Starch + 4 oz (separated)
  • 2.5 oz Coconut Flour + 2 oz (separated)
  • 1/2 cup Olive Oil
  • 1/2 cup warm-hot water
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 whisked egg
  • 6-8 oz Pizza Sauce (I have a bomb-ass recipe for my homemade pizza sauce. I'll share it in the next couple of days, but more or less I used diced tomatoes, onions, jalapeno, chives, oregano, basil, cilantro, salt all blended in a blender, then simmered for 12-15 minutes, then added 3 ounces of tomato paste and simmered for another 10 minutes.)
  • 3/4 cup mushrooms, diced bell peppers, and onions cooked in coconut oil, drained
  • 1 cup diced chicken, cooked (I sautéed mine in some rum!)
  • 1 oz raw onions, diced
  • 1/2 cup shredded goat cheese
  • 1 tbsp melted ghee (organic, clarified butter)


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  • In a medium-large bowl, mix the 6 oz of tapioca flour, 2.5 oz of coconut flour, and salt.
  • Add the olive oil and warm water. Mix.
  • Add the whisked egg. Mix.
  • Slowly add the rest of the coconut flour until it is easily formable into a ball of dough.
  • Sprinkle an ounce of tapioca flour on a cutting board and then knead about 2 ounces of tapioca flour into the ball of dough.
  • Sprinkle a little bit of tapioca flour onto parchment paper (and then place that parchment paper on top of a pizza pan, if you have one), and sprinkle the rest of the flour on your rolling pin.
  • Roll out your dough on the parchment paper to a 12 inch circle, making sure the dough is even (because we do not want the edges to crisp)
  • Bake for about 10 minutes.
  • Make sure your ingredients/toppings are warm.
  • Remove from oven. Lower heat to 350 degrees.
  • Apply 2 ounces of pizza sauce.
  • Then add the mushroom/peppers/onions.
  • Then add the rest of the pizza sauce (depending on how saucy you want it!)
  • Add the chicken.
  • Add the raw onions.
  • Sprinkle the cheese.
  • Brush the ghee on the crust area.
  • Place back in oven. Bake for another 10-15 minutes, or until the cheese starts slightly browning.
  • Enjoy!
Coconut Date Truffles

Healthy, not overly sweet, customizable, and just all around amazing. 

  • 2 cups of dates, pitted, diced (try to use fresh ones as opposed to pre-packaged ones_
  • 1/2 cup of coconut flakes, broken
  • 100% cacao powder
  • 1 oz cacao chips
  • 2 cups of strongly brewed warm coffee
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon powder
  • 1 tsp nutmeg powder
  • Let the dates sit in the coffee for about 5 minutes. 
  • Drain.
  • Using a wooden spoon, mash and mix the dates with the cacao chips, cinnamon, and nutmeg until the dates have a paste-like consistency. 
  • Mix in the coconut flakes.
  • Form the paste into round 1 inch balls and then roll them in the cacao powder until it is all coated. 
  • Place in fridge to harden for at least 30 minutes. Leave refrigerated until use.
  • Enjoy with a nice glass of wine ;). Pictured is a "wine" made out of plums! It works perfectly for both red and white dishes.  
I made these for my family and they loved it! Being paleo has been a bit tough, especially we are a huge rice-eater family. I miss rice, ugh. But from time to time, they let me cook for the family, which has definitely made my life so much easier because then they're doing it with me. I love cooking and baking and I can't wait to discover more recipes and find out what works and doesn't work so that I can share them with you guys! Let me know if you have good recipes I need to try out :).

Voilá! Bon appetite, mon cheri. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Music Monday

I wasn't going to do one this week, but then what better way to whip myself into shape by actually starting fresh at the beginning of the month? So, here's this week's Music Monday (or "Has Elodie Been Listening To Anything Else except for Mumford & Sons?")

1. "The Wolf" Mumford & Sons

Need a good running song? This. Need a good song, period? THIS.

2. "Little Lion Man" Mumford & Sons

I just love to sing aloud this song. It's perfect (for me) for everything.

3.  "St. Walker" Young the Giant

It's chill.

As per ushe... Check out the full list on the Music Monday tab or my Spotify Playlist! Sorry I don't have any stories for these! I just really like these songs and they're just awesome.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Night Musings...

Actually. I'm pretty serene and peaceful right now. Nothing clouding my mind. I know I said I would be better at this blogging thing, but you know, life happens. Thanks for the extra 200 viewers (either 1 person 200 times or 200 people once, it doesn't matter, thanks) who have been reading my blog even though I haven't updated in forever hah.

So let me update you about my life!

  • Paleo
    • I started Paleo! It's good. I'll make a tab about my Paleo adventures. I'll try to keep that at least pretty current.
  • Internship
    • Events Intern at a Lifestyle Blog/Website. It's cool. I like it.
  • Diet
    • I'm trying to shape up and tone and get fit (and drop 2 sizes!) For once, I'll be doing this for myself and not anybody else. Probably won't be making a tab about it.

Yeah. My life actually hasn't been interesting yet. I'm updating to let you know that I'm alive and I'll try to be more active :).

So, looking forward:
  1. Music Mondays once a week (starting next week!)
  2. Paleo recipe of the week (once I finally make that tab later this week)
  3. Removing the Throwback Thursday tab (it was dumb anyways)
  4. Probably going to do a "Reflections" tab where I just reflect about the week and do a "Looking Forward" to keep you in the loop.
  5. Probably will be tough keeping up the set posts, but I've been doing pretty good at Paleo (I'm disciplined! Yay,) so I think I can do this too.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Sight of The Sun"

I have been listening to this song nonstop... This song is just perfect.

(Shoutout because all the songs on my Music Monday have been perfect.)

One line in particular (by line, I mean the whole chorus, oops): "And for once there is nothing up my sleeve, just some scars from a life that used to trouble me. I used to run at first sight of the sun, now I lay here waiting..." The rest of the quote goes "...for you to wake up." But I'm single and I don't wait for anybody to wake up. So for sake of this post, I'm disregarding that last part.

I haven't been extremely open with you. I didn't expect me to just blurt out everything to this blog, especially if I did not know if I was actually going to keep up with it. So, I decided to put things as they become relevant. I usually stray away from harder things and try to keep this blog kind of light-hearted (which can be difficult because you don't really know my sense of writing, so I might think something is lighthearted but you might just be reading the post with a sad smile and a want to hold me in your arms. You might also just be laughing at my misery or feel very indifferent and that's okay too.)

But every now and then I just want to cry my eyes out or tear my heart into pieces because something is bothering me.

Well, this song, along with several others (all listed on Music Monday) have been a source of life line for me the past couple of days.

You don't know me, but I'm not a very romantic person. I don't mean hand holding and kissy faces and candlelit dinners, but I just mean towards life in general. I love life but I am way more concerned about my future than I am my present. That in itself presents a very obvious dilemma because I need my present to have my future. I think two words my high school friends would choose for me would be "calculating and cunning" because I weighed out the pros and cons and my expected utility for almost every single action I did, even something as slight as jumping into the pool.

I've tried, throughout the years, to be less calculating, but I'm struggling hardcore.

And the other night, I was crying and listening to "Some Nights" and I was just thinking about how his voice is just so amazing and how I wanted to listen to more of it while I re-evaluated my life. So I started listening to more Fun. songs.

Sidebar: If I had said "to more songs by Fun." would it have been a double period because the group name already has a period in it or...?

Anyways. So "Sight of the Sun" came on and I heard the line(s) I posted above and I lost it for two reasons:

  1. I had just told myself that I am ready to be a romantic and just be in love with life and the present and go on adventures, take "me" days for fun, be more selfless, and just carpe diem-ing the shit out of life.
  2. On a physical level, I used to partake in self-harm and I finally felt as if I was 100% over that.
And that song was just... Wow. Sums up my feelings pretty much. The song was almost reminiscent for me. I have never been in a relationship but the song does not necessarily have to refer to a significant other. I just kept on thinking about that one month of freshman year in college when I actually did not give a fuck and I was in love with life, in love with college, in love with everybody I met, and in love with myself. And wow, do I miss those days so much. I was a happier individual back then. I do not even think it was the "naive freshman" outlook, but just a genuine appreciation for life and more importantly, myself.

Now, I'm just deflated. I've been feeling deflated. I want to cry all the time. I want to go out and just drown my sorrows in empty music and loud bass. I want to snuggle under my blanket and watch sad Netflix shows and movies about failed love or action shows with a bottle of Riesling and a bowl of fried rice. I want to just be near my dog and my family. And I'm just deflated. I've lost that will... That spark... That passion I used to have in high school.

I lost sight of the sun. (Literally, I always keep my blinds closed and I try to stay under my covers as long as I can.) 

But I'm ready to take back the world.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Have you ever loved somebody in a platonic way? Not even in a friendship way, but in a mentor-student relationship type of way.

I am utterly in love with a male because I admire every part of him. It helps that he is extremely attractive, but I'm more fascinated with his mind. When I see him, the first thing I think is what wonderful nugget of wisdom will he bestow onto me today.

I wish to crack into his skull and just examine how his brain thinks, because, if you haven't noticed yet, I am fascinated with him.

Let's call him... Mr. D'Artagnan. I was thinking about calling him Mr. Grey as in Mr. Dorian Grey, but this individual is not wealthy, but he does pursue an intellectual pleasure... I wonder if he does pursue physical pleasure. Hmm. I'll call him Mr. Grey, actually.

Before I continue, I must disclose that even though he is attractive and older and established, I do not and will never see me being with him. I have no sexual feelings for him, so I will never accidentally do something Elodie cray and try to get with him. I have entertained the idea before, but it never actually gets to the sex part, it just stops at the intellectual conversation.

Side bar: Speaking of sex, I just really need some. I have written two papers on sexual fetishes even though the topic was not warranted at all. For some reason, I just thought the paper needed some sex in it. I was able to actually go do research and it made me feel a little better but not at all haha.

Okay, back to the point of this blog: Admiration for this older male. There really isn't more to this post. I admire him. I love him. I am fascinated by him. I could hear him speak all day long. I would love to just lie under the stars with him and listen to everything he says, hang onto every word he says.

I know I said that I am not sexually attracted to him, but his smile and jaw line is just 100%.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Aesthetic Norms: Couples

We tend to appreciate things that fit together and look beautiful together. One of the most beautiful things (for me) is to see a perfect couple. There is something about the aesthetics that is just wonderful. Take an average girl and an average boy. Both slightly attractive, both their average height, features, etc... But put them together and for some reason their averageness cancels out and together they look more attractive because the other half enhanced them in a way.

Like if you take a super hot girl and a super hot guy and couple them (assuming they are physically compatible, like undertones and sharpness of features and body), that is almost too much hot to handle. Like how could a couple be that hot? It simply isn't fair.

Even if you take two very ugly people and couple them, together they still look better than if they were single.

If you take one ugly person and one hot person and couple them... What happens? The ugly looks uglier and the hot looks hotter because of the stark comparison between the two.

There is a point to this blog, I swear. I'm thinking about this because there is just this really cute guy that I met. He is cute, funny, smart (both books and streets), ambitious, upper/upper-middle class, high earning potential, loves kids, friendly. interesting, and have I mentioned he is cute? Also... the way his eyes sparkle when he talks about something he likes or is just very interested in what someone has to say and he gets those cute side eye crinkles when he smiles and laughs genuinely. Like... Obviously there's something wrong with him, like he must hate puppies or is a psychopath because nobody is seemingly that perfect.

He's tall but not super tall. Maybe he's like 6', give or take an inch. Probably take an inch. He has a nice tanned complexion and rich brown hair and light eyes. I don't know if they're blue or green. I have convinced myself that I stare into them, he's going to entrap me and kill me. But he's also lean and fit. (I just Facebook stalked him and I think that they are blue?)

Anyways. Like I said. There's a point. Here it is: ARE WE PHYSICALLY COMPATIBLE?

Let's say he decided to hardcore flirt and pursue me, I would always second guess myself. All the time. I think I'm pretty from time to time (either my face has gained 10 pounds, or I am just always contouring that I actually don't know what my face really looks like) and I like my body sometimes. I woke up this morning and felt body happy. I also slept with just underwear. And I took seductive pictures of my 90% naked body while laying down. (Yes mom/dad/sister/cousin/friend/family, I made sure to delete them off of my phone. I'm trying to run for senator in about 30 years, I know how the internet works.)

Let's recap: I FELT BODY HAPPY! Let's continue: but then the boy popped into my mind and I felt body conscious.

So, back to my example... Let's say he decided to pursue me, I just wouldn't do it because body compatibility. I feel as if I'm too big for him. I feel if I dropped 2-3 sizes, then I would probably be okay. Even if he wouldn't mind me, I would still feel self conscious because I am an over thinker and I assume everybody can be as shallow as me at times.

(Side bar, for somebody who can be superficial and shallow, I would feel as if I would be tinier, but like I said, I also kinda don't care about my body? I'll care in the real world post-college if I'm still single lol. I only say this because how can one be nitpicky about other's body flaws if you're not damn close to perfect yourself? Anyways, that is just my thought on the matter.)

ANYWAYS... I would still feel self conscious because what if people are like "but he's too hot for her? but why them?" PLOT TWIST THEY ACTUALLY SAY "but she's too hot for him!" #LifeGoals but also not because if I can land a hot guy (as hot as me, obvi, because of my theory I listed above) who is also smart and ambitious and loves kids and puppies and social and high earning potential and smart and hot and nice and wonderful and not a psychopath, then hell yeah I want him.

Do you know what's funny? I'm rambling and writing this (I made myself a pledge to never actually reread my rants and organize them. I will proofread for spelling errors and some grammar, but I won't actually go back and move around paragraphs or sentences because I want you to follow my thinking and I kind of want you to understand me on that level) and like I actually don't see what the problem is.

Except for the fact that I have just mentally set a goal for myself to drop 2 sizes and become even prettier.

I feel like there are so many cute guys out there and I'm like "omg I'm cute you are cute we should bang bang and get dinner and watch Netflix!" and then I'm like "Okay brb let me drop 2 sizes and then we could physically compatible. Stay there. Don't move. I'll see you soon." and then I'm like "I'll see you never, love me for who I am!" and then I'm like "FUCK okay yeah I'll lose weight but not for you, just for me. Bye, rich homie."

Honestly. All I want is to be in a cute relationship and take cute pictures and have people be like "oh, my god, they are SOOOO CUTE #LIFE GOALS!" And to be in a collectively cute relationship, I need to follow my couples theory I listed above.

Feel me?

No? That's okay.

Yes? Awesome.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

About Me!

So I'm going to start an "About Me" installation that I do every now and then. I'm going to do a series of surveys that I found on the Internet! Yay!

Here was the first one I ever did.

Now here's the second one. You can also find the most current "About Me" and an archive of all the old ones over here (or on the About Me! tab.)

  1. Place: I don't have one! I just really like anywhere where my friends and family are.
  2. Person: Chessie (my dog lol)
  3. Color: Pink!
  4. Food: Mmm, this is hard... I can probably eat Chicken and Rice all day everyday. 
  5. Smell: Dawny Fabric Softener teehee
  6. Book: Any book written by Ellen Hopkins
  7. Movie: Annie! I'm like slightly obsessed with that movie. I just love Musicals.
  8. Music artist: I'm currently obsessed with Nicki Minaj. Not sorry.
  9. Genre of music: Alternative Pop/Rock/Indie type music
  10. Genre of literature: Do trashy young adult novels count?
  11. Magazine: Oh wow. I don't read magazines.
  12. Texture: Silk. It feels SOOO SOFT. Or maybe cashmere. Mmm.
  13. Time of day: 11 am
  14. Day of the week: Friday duh
  15. Tumblr: Mine, obvi
  16. Thing to do when bored: NETFLIXXXXXXXX
  17. Celebrity: Nicki Minaj <3
  18. Class in school: My Prisoner's Dilemma class
  19. Website other than Tumblr: Buzzfeed. The quiz section to be exact.
  20. Drink: Water
  21. Precious stone: Eh... I don't have one. But diamonds I guess.
  22. Animal: My puppy Chessie. 
  23. Flower: Chrysanthemums or Magnolias.
  24. Time in history: The 1920's seem roaring
  25. Font: tbh whichever I use for my blog. I think it's "Indie Flower"
  26. Video game: Obsessed with Dance Central and Just Dance. OBSESSED.
  27. TV show: Currently... How To Get Away With Murder and Supernatural
  28. Play: Uhhhhhh, Chicago?
  29. Sound: beach waves
  30. Fruit: oranges
  31. Vegetable: corn
  32. Store/shop: SEPHORA
  33. Article of clothing you own: my kimonos 
  34. Fashion/style: trendy with a touch of traditional
  35. Pattern: currently floral
  36. Workout: zumba bby
  37. Quote
  38. Historical figure:
  39. Boy’s name: Parker
  40. Girl’s name: Zara
  41. Potato chip flavor: Jalapeno
  42. Meal of the day: breakfast (even though I don't eat it)
  43. Ice cream flavor: Raspberry and Cream Gelato
  44. Soda: I don't drink soda
  45. Popcorn flavor: movie theater
  46. Season: Fall!
  47. Month of the year: NOVEMBERRRR (bc birthday month)
  48. Word: lol
  49. Disney princess: me 
  50. Insult: "wanna hear a joke? your life."
  51. Joke: "wanna hear a joke? my life hahahaha *cries*"
  52. Cussword: faacckkkk
  53. Letter: E
  54. YouTube channel:
  55. Eye color: a warm brown
  56. Memory: :)
  57. Dessert: Apple Pie
  58. Candy: peach or green apple gummies I guess
  59. Restaurant: tapas anything
  60. Lifehack: Outlines
  61. Language: french
  62. Thing to learn about: Gossip
  63. Thing about yourself: everything

Monday, April 13, 2015

Updated About Me!

Y'all want to know a little about me? Read my "About me!" Or check out my answers from a survey below. I filled this out in October! I refilled it out to see if anything changed. My new answers are Red! Note how some things that are fluid have not changed...

    001. What is Your Name? Elodie! 
    002. How old are you? 19 but my birthday is Nov 22! ALMOST 20! I AM TWENTY HAHAHAHA
    003. What is the link to your website, blog, or myspace? TWITTER: 

    004. What is your height? 5' 5" 
    005. Do you have any siblings? 2! One younger sister and one younger brother 
    006. What is your eye colour? Brown 
    007. What is your hair colour? Black 
    008. Do you wear glasses or contacts? Both! 
    009. Are you right handed or left handed? Right handed 
    010. Do you have any piercings? Just my ears! 
    011. Do you smoke? No, sir 
    012. Do you swear? Sometimes! 
    013. Do you get along with your parents? Yes of course <3. I love them! 
    014. Your heritage: Haitian! 
    015. Your fears: Falling and breaking things. 
    016. Goal you would like to achieve this year: Having a sober interaction with a male. I HAD ONE!
    017. Most overused phrase on an instant messenger: LOL 
    018. Best Physical Feature: Lips ;-* 
    019. Your bedtime: NEVER 
    020. What time do you arise in the morning? Around 9 am (but then I usually always go back to sleep!) Like 11 AM lol.
    021. First thoughts waking up? OH DEAR CAN I GO BACK TO BED PLZPLZPLZ. Wait I have to pee. 10 MORE MINUTES PLEASE. 
    022. Do you shower daily? Yesssssssss 

    This Or That?
    023. Bright or dark room? Medium 
    024. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla 
    025. Dogs of cats? FOR THE LOVE OF DOGS everybody should be a dog person 
    026. Pepsi or Coke? I am indifferent 
    027. McDonalds or Burger King? I am definitely indifferent 
    028. Ant or Dec? What 
    029. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea? Lipton! 
    030. Cappuccino or Coffee? Teaaaaaaaa 

    In the last month have you...
    031. Drank alcohol? HAHAHAHAHAHA Yes 
    032. Gone to a mall? Do you know me? Duh. 
    033. Eaten a box of Oreos? No 
    034. Eaten sushi? YESSSSSSSS 
    035. Been on stage? No 
    036. Been dumped? LOL NO (I wish, because then that means I would have been in a relationship HAHA) 
    037. Gone skinny dipping? Nope 
    038. Stolen Anything? Just your heart (hopefully) 

    Have you ever...
    039. Laughed for no reason? All the time :-) 
    040. Been caught doing something you weren't supposed to do? Story of my life 
    041. Been in love? Yeah... With myself. And my dog. 
    042. Fired a gun? Does a laser tag gun count? 
    043. Been drunk? #SOML: Story of My Life (pt 2) 
    044. Been called a Tease? ;-) 
    045. Been beaten up? No 
    046. Shoplifted? Am I incriminating myself by answering this? 

    What was the last....
    047. Furry thing you touched? The bag I put on my wish list for my birthday My sweater
    048. Thing you've said? "LOL" 
    049. Song you've listened to? "Being Beige" The Smashing Pumpkins "Sleeping with a Friend" Neon Trees
    050. (Who was the last) person you've spoken to on the phone? My mommy <3 
    051. Movie you watched? ... I don't remember but the last show I watched was "How To Get Away With Murder" (THAT SHOW IS SO GOOD OMG) CINDERELLAAAA like a month ago
    052. Thing you were doing before this? Watching the above mentioned show Watching Hawaii Five-O
    053. Time you cried? Wednesday at approximately 3:40 pm Yesterday at approximately midnight.
    054. Song you've sang? "Centuries" by Fall Out Boy "Sleeping with a Friend"
    055. Time you looked at the clock? Literally 2 minutes ago 
    056. Food and drink you've had? Tortilla Chips and Rice Queso with Beef (It's my secret recipe) and Water! Tater Tots
    057. Flavour of gum you've chewed? Mint Bliss 
    058. Shoes you've worn? My riding boots Flip flops
    059. Store you've been in? Sephora like 2 weeks ago omg Macy's like last week

    060. Planet? Planet Me 
    061. Age you've been so far? 21. Jk, still 19. I like 19. 
    062. Season? FALL 
    063. Number? Don't have one? 
    064. TV show? How To Get Away With Murder... 
    065. Flower? Elodia flower! I also like Black Dahlia 

    066. How much cash do you have on you? $0 
    067. What's a word that rhymes with 'door'? WHORE. oh. 
    068. What T-Shirt are you wearing? A fuchsia blouse Chi Omega shirt
    069. What brand of shoes are you wearing? Apt. 9 
    070. What did your last text message say? "Thanks guys. [pumpkin emoji.]" "Group project!" But I can stay on west if you wanted to come? Or I can just come back to central"
    071. What were you doing at midnight last night? On a bus back to Central! Heading to SHOOTERSSSS
    072. What's your current desktop picture? Lips ;-) 
    073. What's a word that you say a lot? "LOL" seriously though 
    074. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? PINKKKKK. Tinkle me pink ;-) 
    075. How is the weather right now? 50 degress Fahrenheit! Like 70
    076. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? His bulging... arms ;-). 
    077. Are you too shy to ask someone out? yeah lol 
    078. Can you do a headstand (not using a wall)? no lol 
    079. Who would you like to see right now? My DOGGG 
    080. How many pillows do you sleep with? 2 only because I only have 2 ugh 4. I use 4.
    081. Would you go on a date with someone on MySpace? No lol 
    082. How do you want to die? Peacefully and painlessly 
    083. What do you want to be when you grow up? A Senator 
    084. What country would you most like to visit? Switzerland 
    085. How many CDs do you own? 
    086. How many things, in your past, do you regret? 100% NONE of it :-3 
    087. Do you think you are attractive? I LOVE ME. Yes. 
    088. Do you believe in yourself? Sometimes haha 
    089. Do you want to get married? Yes plz. With 3 kids and 2 dogs. 

    In a boy/girl...
    090. Favourite eye colour? No preference 
    091. Favourite hair colour? No preference! 
    092. Short or long hair? Short 
    093. Height? Above 5' 10" 
    094. Weight? Enough to handle all of me ;-)