About Me!

I am so used to summarizing myself in less than 140 characters (thanks Twitter and Instagram bios), that I have no idea what to write here. I used to do the Tumblr/Myspace surveys, but this time, I'm just going to list 21 random things about me (that you might or might not have already known.)

  1. I'm obsessed with my dog. Like seriously.
  2. I call myself a poser paleo eater because I eat goat cheese, gluten free pizza crust, and potato chips.
  3. I like fantasy RPG games.
  4. I'm a Political Science major.
  5. If you ask me what I'm doing next year, I will yell internally. 
  6. I like planned spontaneity. I like to be surprised from a list of options that I have already pre-approved. Every now and then I enjoy true surprises, but rarely.
  7. I have 30 or so unpublished and unfinished stories sitting on my computer.
  8. I will probably never, ever finish them.
  9. I have a weak spot for tater tots.
  10. I really want to start a Green Smoothie Cult. Please message me for details.
  11. I really wish I can answer "Glitter and sequins" when people ask me to list my favorite colors.
  12. I aspire to own a hospital.
  13. I also want to be a US Senator.
  14. I genuinely enjoy water as a drink.
  15. I prefer high quality 1-ply toilet paper.
  16. I like to pretend I model and I have impeccable taste in fashion.
  17. I waist train occasionally. I got bruises from it.
  18. I've never had a sober kiss before. 
  19. Or a sober sexual interaction.
  20. I really want twins.
  21. If kids are coming out of my body, it's happening before 32, with or without a man.

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