Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I'm not "pretty for a black girl," I'm just pretty, period.

Check out this article from one of my friends:

What a Black Girl Wants. Pretty or Just Pretty for a Black Girl: Why We're Tired.

“Essentially, the people giving out these 'compliments' are implying that black or dark girls on whole are typically unattractive and that the women whom they are attracted to are only beautiful because they have somehow managed to beat those odds of ugliness that come with having darker skin... It is more about the baggage we have had to carry in regards to being compared to and represented as hideous beasts. It is about the degradation we have faced and continue to face for the skin color that we were born with that has all these negative stigmas attached to it. It is about how this baggage is still evident in the 'compliments' littered throughout this article... 

I’m not ashamed of being black. In fact, being a black girl is pretty lit. We are not beautiful in spite of our blackness. We are beautiful period. The melanin is just an added bonus, an extra drop of sweetness if you will. Last time I checked, an extra dose of honey never hurt anybody."

In the words of Beyoncé, "I slay... all day."

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