Monday, February 8, 2016

Back to Reality

But do you want to know what they don't tell you?

Let's say you shoot for the moon and you land among the stars... Good for you! You reached so high, past where you thought you can go. And even if you didn't reach the moon, you still made a goal that was out of this world. Seriously, good for you.

Now let's just say you shoot for the moon and you don't land among the stars... Yeah. That fall back to earth? Good luck. It happens, it really does. Not everybody lands among the stars.

The point here is to not dissuade you from reaching higher than what you believe your potential to be, rather it is to breathe a little bit of reality into you. The higher you reach, the bigger the fall (unless you have that extraterrestrial safety net.)

I'm a romantic. I'm quixotic. I'm a dreamer. Realism is not my thing. Practicality is not what I'm known for.

This whole law school application game has got me feeling lower than I ever have. Being dosed with a splash of reality is like being launched into the deep end of a freezing ocean.

I'm scared. I'm drowning. I feel as if I'm alone with no help line.

I'm just wondering where I went wrong and whether or not I'll be able to swim...

Or sink.

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