Monday, January 25, 2016

Music Monday!

Don't get your hopes up and don't hold your breath. I know I am very on top of my posting game as of recent, but what's a second semester senior supposed to do instead of obsessing over law schools?

Also, snow days. My ass and couch have been getting to know each other quite intimately over the past couple of days. No need to get up except for food and water.

Side bar: Have you seen The Following? It's so damn good. Unfortunately, it's horror (but not in a slasher type way, more so thriller) and a little bit psychological and filled with a lot of crime. It's amazing. Good job, Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. The acting is phenomenal, in addition to the cinematic elements and storyline.

Anyways, I added some new songs to #MusicMonday!!!

So how the Music Monday tab will go, I will probably just keep on listing my favorite songs and videos, leaving you to explore the full playlist on your own.

  1. "Fire Meets Gasoline" Sia
  2. "Hold Back The River" James Bay
  3. "Nothing But Space" Keys N Krates

Artist of The Week: Sia. 

Sorry, damn blogger won't let me properly embed videos that aren't YouTube hosted........ So I couldn't put the official music video, that is hosted by Vevo. So, here's the audio.

On a positive ending: God, bless her vocals. I need them to sing at my weddings, for reals. 

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