Sunday, January 24, 2016

Law Schools, Flaw Schools

I'm ripping my hair out... And I literally can, seeing as I am wearing hair extensions. That would actually suck, so I am not literally ripping my hair out.

But I am going crazy. Extremely.

If you can guess the topic of this post, it's about law schools!!! Now I have no idea whether or not they are flawed since I am not on the law school side, but I can still make broad assumptions via my experiences and thorough stalking on law school forum boards.

I'm not here to point out law school flaws, per se, but I am here to complain about my experiences, thus far.

Actually, not even really.

I just wanted to complain about law schools. Can somebody please decrypt the whole law school admissions process? That'd be so clutch. And why can't they tell you what part of your application wasn't strong enough when they reject you? That shouldn't be too hard if they truly, even if they do have internal number cut offs.

I'm a little bitter because got rejected at my ED school, but life goes on.

So, I'm currently waiting for the stream of rejections to roll in.

I sent in my applications early. If you don't want me, save me the despair and reject me now.

If you do want me, save me the despair and accept me now.

If you're confused about me, hey--I have an idea: offer me an interview!

It's truly not that hard, in my head.

But, alas, I am the one clacking away on my keyboard while they are the ones who are actually reading thousands of applications--so who am I to judge?

Maybe, if I ever get accepted to law school, I'll become a judge after I become a lawyer so that way when somebody is like "Who are you to judge?" I'll just be like "Well, I am a judge and that is my job."

In the meanwhile, enjoy this picture of my dog. She's living the life, while I'm not-so-awkwardly snowed in with 3 inches of snow... Southern schools confuse me. She's actually snowed in because at home, there is almost 3 feet of snow. That's a reason to cancel stuff.

Stay warm, Chessie, stay warm.

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