Monday, January 18, 2016

Music Monday, Remastered

So I have officially switched over to Apple Music and I love it. Mostly because my dad is paying for it. Unfortunately everybody and their father is using Spotify, just like everybody and their mother all have FitBits while I just got the Apple Watch.


I'm really not sure how Apple Music works with shareable playlists, but I'll still be sharing it.

I'm probably ditching the weekly 15 songs, because that's just a lot of commitment and for anybody who gets my notifications, you know how I am when it comes to commitment. But at least once a month, I'll update you with some of my favorites and I'll add the playlist link. I also probably won't have a new playlist once a month but I also won't be adding like 15 or so songs a week.

As you already know, I've been binge listening to Børns, especially his acoustic stuff. I can't even apologize for an overload of his music, but for the sake of expanding both of our musical horizons, I'll limit him and other artists in my playlist.

The first playlist is up: #MusicMonday

These are my Top 3 songs:

  1. "10,000 Emerald Pools" Børns 
  2. "Free ft. Emeli Sandé" Rudimental
  3. "Foreigner's God" Hozier

I really truly cannot wait to see him live. My day will be made.

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