Sunday, January 17, 2016

Happy (Belated!) New Year!

Let's push past the "I'm so sorry for never posting!" crap because I feel like I start every prolonged post with that.

I made my New Year's Resolutions though!

Can you guess them?

If you guessed that I would force myself to post to this blog, you're half right! Let me explain...

I'm going to write this year. Write, write, write, write, write, write! What am I going to do? WRITE! My blog, random reflections, for HerCampus, stories... I want to set aside at least thirty minutes a day to writing while there is no TV in the background.

My other resolutions though...

  • Running. I should get back to that. I have the clothes, the sneakers, and the Apple Watch. I am going to go running.
  • Dynamic Cardio. Like zumba. At least once a week.
  • Toning. Pilates. I'm taking a class for that for credit. But I need to make sure to upkeep it during the summer and next year! I already took a class. My obliques were ON FIRE. I loved it.
  • Cooking. Two new recipes per month. That's my goal.
Well, yeah, that's really it. I hesitate to call them "Resolutions" because they're things I already do, I just want to hold myself accountable to them.

I should probably do better on my money spending habit.


In the meanwhile, please listen to this. I'm seeing Børns next month. I liked him but then I started LOVING him. Now I'm slightly obsessed with him. I have listened to these 2 songs about 20 times each just today.

Seriously obsessed... Actually, all I did today was listen to acoustic music from a couple of my favorite bands and artists: Walk the Moon, Hozier, Sam Smith, Adele, Imagine Dragons, and Børns obviously. Hope you like the two songs!

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