Thursday, January 21, 2016

About Me!

If you've ever checked out the "About Me" tab, you know how much I enjoy those Tumblr/MySpace type surveys. For the site I write for, I have to go on 7 dates from 7 different dating apps, so I mastered the "About me" in a couple of sentences. I'm listing some of the things I put on the different apps. I pretty much used the same fun facts and pictures across the different apps, but I was pretty creative for the first two apps.

Here are some of the fun facts I used (obviously I didn't disclose all of this information)...:
  1. I'm obsessed with my dog. Like seriously.
  2. I call myself a poser paleo eater because I eat goat cheese, gluten free pizza crust, and potato chips.
  3. I like fantasy RPG games.
  4. I'm a Political Science major.
  5. If you ask me what I'm doing next year, I will yell internally. 
  6. I like planned spontaneity. I like to be surprised from a list of options that I have already pre-approved. Every now and then I enjoy true surprises, but rarely.
  7. I have 30 or so unpublished and unfinished stories sitting on my computer.
  8. I will probably never, ever finish them.
  9. I have a weak spot for tater tots.
  10. I really want to start a Green Smoothie Cult. Please message me for details.
  11. I really wish I can answer "Glitter and sequins" when people ask me to list my favorite colors.
  12. I aspire to own a hospital.
  13. I also want to be a US Senator.
  14. I genuinely enjoy water as a drink.
  15. I prefer high quality 1-ply toilet paper.
  16. I like to pretend I model and I have impeccable taste in fashion.
  17. I waist train occasionally. I got bruises from it.
  18. I've never had a sober kiss before. 
  19. Or a sober sexual interaction.
  20. I really want twins.
  21. If kids are coming out of my body, it's happening before 32, with or without a man.
Here are my three favorite pictures that I used:

When the article is published, I'll make sure to upload it here and give you guys the behind the scene details :).

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