Wednesday, September 16, 2015

7 Things I Want To Do Before I Graduate

I'm over New Year's Resolutions. I never do them anyways. So I decided to think of a couple of things I want to personally do before I leave my wonderful university! Because if I don't do it in college... when will I ever do them? Summer? HAH RIGHT. I am currently a living, breathing example of trying to be proactive during the summer: I DID NOTHING.

I seriously told myself that I would be productive. I guess I finished Netflix shows and I lost some weight and I did healthy things, but let me be productive to society. My couch has seen enough of my butt for years to come.

1) Get Into Law School
Because the Lord and I both know that if I get rejected this time around, I'm just calling quits forever. Although this one has lots of many mini sections like taking the LSAT, writing my personal statement, and filling out my damn applications. But I'll lump them into one.

2) Visit Multiple Local Eateries
Chains do not count (unless they're only pertinent to this location!) I'm in a place with lots of cute food places. Let me check them out! Seriously, if I don't do these while I'm here in college... I have no idea when the next time I'll be back. Homecoming? Sure but will I really be up to eating at new places? Probably not.

3) Go Adventuring
Because my butt and my couch need a break... Let my cute butt visit a quarry or some mountains. Or, we can start small and go visit the gardens first. Baby steps.

4) Say Yes More
Not like "Yes Man" the movie. But I'm just going to be more open to different possibilities. Dinner? YES. Lunch? YES. You're paying? Double triple YES. Girl I rarely remember from freshman year wants to reconnect? YES. Tinder date? YES. Party? YES. Adventuring? YES. Mountain climbing? ........... YES *but actually crying.* If I'm not doing anything, then why not? Like I said, my butt and my couch need a break.

5) Be More Simple
I threw away like 75% of my clothes. I want to downsize and play with basics. I'm pretty. Let my face do the talking and let my clothes and makeup complement it. Also, who has time for drama? Not me. Who has time to get angry and over analyze things? I apparently do all the time, but I don't want to anymore. Let's strike that.

6) Publish Something
iBooks, Kindle, Amazon Books, Google Books, whatever. I just want to publish one of the stories I am trying to write. I've published articles but now I want to upgrade.

7) Lose Weight and Do Me
I'm getting there, guys, I'm getting there. Goal weight is like another 30 pounds by graduation! (And 40 pounds by law school next year.) It's tough, but I'm getting there!

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