Tuesday, April 14, 2015

About Me!

So I'm going to start an "About Me" installation that I do every now and then. I'm going to do a series of surveys that I found on the Internet! Yay!

Here was the first one I ever did.

Now here's the second one. You can also find the most current "About Me" and an archive of all the old ones over here (or on the About Me! tab.)

  1. Place: I don't have one! I just really like anywhere where my friends and family are.
  2. Person: Chessie (my dog lol)
  3. Color: Pink!
  4. Food: Mmm, this is hard... I can probably eat Chicken and Rice all day everyday. 
  5. Smell: Dawny Fabric Softener teehee
  6. Book: Any book written by Ellen Hopkins
  7. Movie: Annie! I'm like slightly obsessed with that movie. I just love Musicals.
  8. Music artist: I'm currently obsessed with Nicki Minaj. Not sorry.
  9. Genre of music: Alternative Pop/Rock/Indie type music
  10. Genre of literature: Do trashy young adult novels count?
  11. Magazine: Oh wow. I don't read magazines.
  12. Texture: Silk. It feels SOOO SOFT. Or maybe cashmere. Mmm.
  13. Time of day: 11 am
  14. Day of the week: Friday duh
  15. Tumblr: Mine, obvi
  16. Thing to do when bored: NETFLIXXXXXXXX
  17. Celebrity: Nicki Minaj <3
  18. Class in school: My Prisoner's Dilemma class
  19. Website other than Tumblr: Buzzfeed. The quiz section to be exact.
  20. Drink: Water
  21. Precious stone: Eh... I don't have one. But diamonds I guess.
  22. Animal: My puppy Chessie. 
  23. Flower: Chrysanthemums or Magnolias.
  24. Time in history: The 1920's seem roaring
  25. Font: tbh whichever I use for my blog. I think it's "Indie Flower"
  26. Video game: Obsessed with Dance Central and Just Dance. OBSESSED.
  27. TV show: Currently... How To Get Away With Murder and Supernatural
  28. Play: Uhhhhhh, Chicago?
  29. Sound: beach waves
  30. Fruit: oranges
  31. Vegetable: corn
  32. Store/shop: SEPHORA
  33. Article of clothing you own: my kimonos 
  34. Fashion/style: trendy with a touch of traditional
  35. Pattern: currently floral
  36. Workout: zumba bby
  37. Quote
  38. Historical figure:
  39. Boy’s name: Parker
  40. Girl’s name: Zara
  41. Potato chip flavor: Jalapeno
  42. Meal of the day: breakfast (even though I don't eat it)
  43. Ice cream flavor: Raspberry and Cream Gelato
  44. Soda: I don't drink soda
  45. Popcorn flavor: movie theater
  46. Season: Fall!
  47. Month of the year: NOVEMBERRRR (bc birthday month)
  48. Word: lol
  49. Disney princess: me 
  50. Insult: "wanna hear a joke? your life."
  51. Joke: "wanna hear a joke? my life hahahaha *cries*"
  52. Cussword: faacckkkk
  53. Letter: E
  54. YouTube channel:
  55. Eye color: a warm brown
  56. Memory: :)
  57. Dessert: Apple Pie
  58. Candy: peach or green apple gummies I guess
  59. Restaurant: tapas anything
  60. Lifehack: Outlines
  61. Language: french
  62. Thing to learn about: Gossip
  63. Thing about yourself: everything

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