Sunday, April 12, 2015

Back But Not Really

The last time I updated and posted to this blog was on February 17th. I think I distinctly remember promising you guys to keep you up to date with my life. I know I don't have many readers, but I have over 100 unique people reading my blog and over 600 views, which means some of you guys are checking back on my blog, which makes me very happy! Unless it's like 5 of you from 20 different platforms just checking up on me a million times, but that makes me happy too :)

I'm just posting because I am determined to upkeep this blog! Every now and then, a spark for a blog post pops up into my head and I want to run to my computer and blog, but then I am morbidly behind on my work... and sorting my damn feelings.

Let's see what I have to do before school ends... (By the way, 7 more days of classes, 10 days until LDOC aka Last Day of Class, 19 days until I go to the beach with my friends!)

  1. Research paper on political communications, which includes me actually doing physical research and making graphs on data that I have no collected yet
  2. Research presentation on my paper on the data I do not have...
Actually, that's all that is pressing right now, wow. But all my people in academia, y'all know how hard it is to actually find and collect data, especially when you have to read through 10,000 newspapers to code your data. Yay. YES. MUCH FUN.

I have to present my data this week and then actually turn in my paper a week later.

In addition to my school work, I am behind on my unpaid internships. Why do I do this to myself? I am behind on...
  1. My social media internship (10 hours a week)
  2. My blogger internship (2 hours a week)
  3. My research assistant position (6 hours a week)
I can tell you how long I've spent collectively on all three... About 5 hours, maybe. 

I'm also struggling in the summer internship category...
  1. Found the internship of my dream but the application isn't due until Friday.
  2. I hear back from another internship that I like on Wednesday, but I really want the first one more. Also, I need to send over a portfolio of my visual and written work over. I don't do visual work? 
  3. What if I just don't find any internship?
Just, many struggles. 70% are 100% unneeded. 

Anyways, back to homework, peace out, I'll work on getting better at this.

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