Monday, April 13, 2015

Music Monday

L o l. What is Music Monday? Hahaha. Something I haven't done in like a month or 2...

Okay. Top 3 songs I've been binge listening to...

1) "Trap Queen" Fetty Wap

Literally, anybody who knows me knows that I WILL BUST A MOVE WHEN I HEAR THIS SONG. I'm LIKE HEY WASSUP HELLO SEEN YO PRETTY ASS AS SOON AS YOU CAME THROUGH THE DOOORRRRRRRRRR. Will be your Trap Queen if you buy me a Lambo for reals.

2) "Crystals" Of Monsters and Men

I just really need to listen to this song everyday.

3) "Sugar" Maroon 5

Sugar? Yes please. All the time. Adam Levine why are you so pretty? Why is this song so cute? Omg. PLEASE PLAY AT MY WEDDING OKAY?

As per ushe (short hand for usual. It is pronounced like the first part of usual. Just in case you didn't know) feel free to check out Music Monday on my Spotify playlist!

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