Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Reflections: 6/5/15

Ah. Today marks the end of the first week in June and the end of my first full week at work! I've been pretty much at peace with myself lately. I intern at The DC Ladies and hopefully I'll be volunteering at the American Cancer Society!

I'm just happy. No reason whatsoever. Maybe it's the paleo: I feel lighter and healthier and happier. I cheated and ate some wheat, but I still felt so freakin' good. So there's that :).

I haven't been to the gym lately, but I should probably get back to that... The weather has been disgusting and after running outside in the nice, fresh air, the gym has got me feeling a little claustrophobic when I use the treadmill. Maybe I'll search the site and see what group fitness classes they have on my free days and then go for a run on the days I have work.

Looking ahead: Italy and the cruise (read places where I cannot escape pasta and grains) is in T minus 16 days. We leave on Sunday the 21st. On the 20th, I'll be doing Fitness Fest hopefully and getting a much deserved mani-pedi and threading for my face. On the 19th, I have a photoshoot as part of my internship! How cool is that? So in these next two weeks, I will be all about the fitness and the health and the toning and the running.

Would it be beneficial for me to make a tab so that I can keep myself accountable? I'm not sure if it will be... I've been counting calories, but is it worth it in paleo? I stopped a couple days ago and I noticed that my food habits haven't really changed, except now I don't feel guilty when I eat an ounce of cashews or almonds when I'm hungry!


Well. I probably won't do the fitness tab but I'll still continue the paleo tab :). Today, I'm making cauliflower rice to eat with leftover ground beef. I'd add that but I don't find that important enough to add to my list of recipes since they're both basic but great staples!

I don't have any weekend plans except cleaning my room, yay...

OH. I forgot to add: my dog has a stupid yeast infection in her ear. Ugh that's so sad and annoying. And her right kneecap keeps popping, but the Doctor said as long as she's not limping, she's good.

Well, I should end on a positive note...

I'm trying to actually write a novel and I'm halfway through chapter 2! I want to finish it this summer. We will see what happens! Ah!

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