Thursday, June 18, 2015

#TBT: The Time I Had Clubbing Withdrawals

I kind of miss the #TBT Thursday series, but I never updated them anyways, so definitely not worth it. If I can get enough #TBT posts, maybe I'll restart the tab :).

So this past weekend, I went to see The Maccabees in concert and then went to UltraBar with my friends.

It was "disgustingly fun." That is the word I've been using to describe my night to anybody who asked (or didn't ask. I like to keep people updated on my life whether they ask or not.)

First off, I was looking fleekish AS HELL (do you think people will still say on fleek, fleeky, fleekish, etc in the future? Probably not.)

Like, I was looking gooooddddd. Black short sleeve crop top from Wet Seal and white floral skort from Kohl's. Y'all didn't know me in my less toned days, but I came a long way from starting paleo and doing cardio at least 3 times a week a month ago! I fucked up my lashes when I first put them on (as evident in the left eye), but I fixed them and added some lipstick.

Like, I kinda look sweaty, but I still look 100%. That red lipstick is life. I wear it with everything. I call it my neutral lip. It's NARS Audacious Lipstick in Charlotte ($32.) I've never used a lipstick more lavish and amazing before in my life. End of story. If you get anything from this post, get the lipstick.

So my friend and I ventured out to DC to go see The Maccabee's, a British rock/alternative band. We left late but we caught half their set.

The bassist to the far right is super cute in a tall, dark, classic way. The drummer (not pictured, sorry baby) is also super cute in a blonde, blue-eyed, tall, preppy but I wear straight skinny jeans instead of khakis and chinos, way. They were goooooddd. But then the set ended at like 9:30.

We were in DC at 9:30 pm. The Pride Parade was going on that day so there were a bunch of people in the streets. We still had no idea what to do. So, I texted my friends who were in DC to see what they were up to. THEY WANTED TO GO CLUBBING #YES.

Now if you know me, you know I frequent Shooters a lot. If you don't know me, you have no idea what I just said. I like to go to Shooters, a Western style club/bar. It's "disgustingly fun." I'm telling you, this is a great adjective to use all the time. Now, I like to say that I dislike Shooters, but deep down, there's a place in my heart for it. One thing I knew to be true, I need to get my fix of dancing and sweating with friends and guys trying to buy me drinks. I never realized I missed it until I missed it.

SOOOO We went clubbing #YOLO.

Look, my girls and I are fleekish. ALSO LET'S TAKE THIS TIME TO LOOK AT MY BODY. IT's shaping up and I am so happy *tear face happy face*. I am wearing a CROP TOP because my abs are on 90%. They aren't 100 yet, but they look good in a crop top, so that's all that matters now. Plus, my boobs are looking 100. Like I don't know what happened but they're kinda very awesome.

I used my fake to get in (even though I wasn't going to buy drinks.) The amount of guys who have asked to buy me drinks and dance with me. Dude, I felt so hot. These weren't ugly guys too. They reeked of desperation, but they weren't ugly. But I just wanted to dance with my fleeky girls and have fun. I let guys dance on me for the heck of it, but wasn't feeling dancing with them.

At one point, one of my friends and I got onto a bar to start dancing. Ah... Just like Shooters <3.

There was this one guy who was actually like "WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR YOU TO DANCE WITH ME? YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL!" And I was like "No." And he was like "What do you want? A bottle of champagne? I'll buy you one!" And I was like "Naaahhhh." But he never understood what "NO!" meant. I felt a bit stalked on the dance floor because he was ALWAYS THERE. At one point, he was making out with a girl, made eye contact with me, and then left her to try to talk to me again.

Bruh. Nah.

The worst part is... As I'm trying to escape him, there are even cuter and hotter guys who are making eye contact with me and we smile across the dance floor. I SHIT YOU NOT THIS HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE. But because of the creep, they'd smile and then they'd walk away. Is there anyway to send a distress signal without crying?

I had to convince myself that it was OKAY that I was MISSING OUT ON HOT GUYS because I just wanted to dance with my friends. I'm still trying to convince myself. I'll get over it soon, maybe.

Overall, it was "disgustingly fun." Fun but hella sweaty :).

Well, that was a super fun Saturday night <3.

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