Wednesday, October 29, 2014

To Go or Not To Go

I know I'm asking the like 4 people who randomly stumble upon my blog thinking, "Lol what is this? Oh. Poor Girl. Next blog." But I'm still asking, probably for the sake of me just writing down my usually irrational thought process and walking through it.

So we have another mixer with the fraternity that the Boy is in it (if you do not know who the Boy is, please use this time to scroll through my other posts.)

At first I did not want to go because I felt as if I embarassed myself greatly, but now I have a legitimate reason, like the fact that I have two papers due on Friday (okay, both papers together have a total of 8 pages minimum which is not bad... 1 3-5 page paper and 1 5-7 page paper...) But still... 

So. Follow my (weird) logic...

I embarassed myself in front of the Boy (although he seemed to be laughing at/with me? I always laugh at myself, but this was a whole new level of embarassment that I have reached.)

I have mentally friendzoned everybody due to the fact that I am me and haven't found somebody who would be compatible with me. (But Elodie... How will you know if you won't give them a chance? Well, reader, because I just know these things. Duh.)

Plus... It's that time of month. Gross, I know. 

Plus it's later. Do you know what later is? It's Wednesday. Who even goes out on Wednesday? (Like 1/2 my school, but whatever.)

Also... Like what do I wear? I am not wearing a dress because I am not shaving my legs because it is that time of month... Pumpkin carving calls for cuteness and casualness. But I am also not going to wear jeans because, well, I just don't want to wear jeans, okay? All of my cute clothes are non-existant (well they are there but very dirty.) I am doing my laundry on Friday or Saturday when everybody is out, celebrating Halloween.

Jk. If you haven't met me (which I am going to assume a large percentage of you guys have now met me... Hi. I'm Elodie. How are you?), you should know that I probably have enough clothes to go a full year without laundry. Unfortunately I do not have that many bras and undies, but I have enough of those to last a couple of months. It is the end of October and I am down to my last couple of days. I started college late August. So, that's a pretty long time: 2 months. I just don't want to put in effort into looking cute while feeling bloated because... yeah. 

Did I mention that we are pumpkin carving? Cute, yeah? NO. LAST TIME I MESSED WITH PUMPKINS I ALMOST SLICED MY WHOLE HAND OFF. Well, it was a cut and as I am currently examining my hand, I do not even see a scar, so pretty much no harm, no foul. But anyways... Pumpkin carving is kinda cute if I know the people...

(But, Elodie, didn't you meet cool friends when you hung out with them twice already? Reader... THIS ISN'T THE POINT. I would pumpkin carve with my dog and my family and my friends, but with guys? No, reader, no.)

But they are promising Pumpkin Spice Latte alcoholic dranks for the #basicbetches out there (not me, obviously, but I am curious to try this drink, you know?)

Well. If I go out, I'll let you know. If I don't go out, I'll let you know.

But the point still stands... Should I go out... or nah ;-)?

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