Friday, October 10, 2014

Last Night: Oct 9th, 2014

I was pacing my apartment floor, debating on what to wear. I had a friend, Anya, with me being extremely calm and casual, just chuckling at me. I had a couple of outfits on my bed: a sequin top with a black body con skirt, a mesh cut out triangle patterned dress, and a collared floral dress. At first, all I wanted to do was wear jeans, wedges, and a cute shirt.

You see, after the events of last week (crush party, bench building, chapter,) I met this cute guy and I wanted to impress him. I talked to one of my sorority sisters who told me about a date function his fraternity was having. The theme was "Newly Weds" so each brother would sort of randomly get paired with a girl; my sister was able to get me invited. My date was a cutie and very accommodating, although not my type at all.

So anyways, I'm freaking out because I really want to impress this guy but still acting low-key and casual. Unfortunately, because the theme was "Newly Weds," the dress code was more or less semi-formal. So, in an effort to be cute and casual, I went with the collared floral dress and wedges. I even curled my hair and did really cute makeup (cat eyes, cut crease, and sheer plum balm.) I went over with a couple of my sisters.

Well. The date function was pretty fun. The guy I liked was looking really cute too. Want to know something? I didn't even talk to him. So much for meeting him the other day. But, I still had fun. I'm doing this new thing called being sober while I go out. It's awesome. I had real fun last night, one that wasn't helped with a little bit of alcohol, which is awesome.

My date left early because he had a quiz the next day (boo, that whore,) but I was able to get to know more people. I was up until 4 with a couple of the guys and a couple of my sisters. I honestly don't think I've had this much fun since... I have no idea. We played board games... BOARD GAMES!!! Have you heard of Quelf? No? Go discover it. It's awesome. I met a couple of my date's friends and I do not honestly think I have ever met a more fun and genuine group of guys. I just want to be friends with all of them, but I such at being friends with guys... They never work out, like ever.

After the first round of board games, we went to Pitchforks (or Cafe Edens, dumb) which is a 24/7 diner on campus. This one guy ordered 4 sides of bacon... Who does that? Him, obviously. But after that, we were up until 4 am playing Quelf once more.

Needless to say, this night did not go as excepted, but I had a crapton of fun. I promise, I will try to befriend my lover dude when I get back from break. We have an event planned with them and I will take the time while I am home on break to find the PERFECT outfit that screams "Hey, look at me. I'm cute and fun and sexy and wifey material and you know you want to date me," while also screaming "Yeah, I put in like 10 minutes of effort to look this beautiful" but while actually spending 2 hours.

Ugh. I am so excited to go home and see my dog.

I have a paper due at 11 pm tonight. HAHAHAHAHA. I'll start that shit when I get home... at 6 pm.


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