Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's Been A While

Since I've posted, obviously.

And a lot of other things, like being true to myself. I'm not going to lie, I found today and right now to be a perfect time to give you a short update of my life because

1) I'm sick
2) I just finished my french dictation
3) I have to go to office hours in a few
4) I just popped a Benadryl and I feel it coursing through my veins
5) I'm just so damn serene while drinking this tea (mint green tea, orange, honey)
6) I have TWO quizzes today that I am just not prepared for. Yes, I studied, but I barely even remember waking up today. All I remember are the faint clacking noises from my roommate's booties walking into the room and me just magically being awake.

I had a weird weird dream.

If you have ANY idea what it means, please, tell me.

So there's this underaged girl who looks like me but is not actually me (or is she? I don't know to be honest) and she is carrying on a relationship with this really attractive older man. All the while, she's lying to him about her age. But really, she's trying to throw him in jail and get a lot of dirt on him as a vendetta mission. So after a while, aka sex, she jumps out of bed and she tells him everything. She has no remorse whatsoever. Then she pulls out a gun on the older man and shoots him in the leg. Then I magically come out of nowhere and I shoot the underaged girl. We are staring at each other because obviously we look identical but we aren't really the same person because I am not jailbait. So then I help the older man to my car and we drive to the supermarket which actually has a hospital in it. Then, in the market, we are being chased by underaged me who survived the spray of bullets. So we decide to hide with my sister and her friend, and all I can hear are the clacking noises of my roommate's boots.

Like this was a weird dream and it was extremely vivid.

Luckily, it was not a recurring dream. I've had about 2, maybe 3, dreams that always happen from time to time and they kind of scare me, to be honest. Currently, they're hazy, but when it happens again, I will definitely write about so that way I can have a concrete version of it.

But, I am off to office hours unfortunately. I didn't really get to talk about what I wanted to get off my chest, but this is good enough. I feel a little bit better and I don't know if it's because of this or because I haven't coughed in the past 5 minutes (knock on wood) and I can finally breathe through BOTH nostrils!


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