Sunday, January 25, 2015

To Dream Another Dream

Heyyooo kiddos,

I'm back (wow it's been 4 days instead of like 4 weeks, teehee)!

But I'm back with another dream update. I said I would tell y'all about all of my reoccurring dreams and here is one... Well. This dream was a 2-fer because there were two distinct parts that bled into one. The first half is a new half and I have no idea why it blended into the reoccurring part.

Pt 1.

I'm hiding from my friends because I just can't trust them. I have an operations base set up in my apartment and I am trying to hide from their constant bombardments. I'm not actually under attack, like physically, but emotionally/mentally/psychologically. And those are being solidified, like when an "attack" comes, it's memories from a friend that hurt me, but they arrive in the form of a grenade. So, yeah, when it explodes, the memory plays. So a prominent memory played back in my head but in tenfold. I can elaborate on that memory on another day. For now, we will call it BFM1 (Bad Friend Memory 1). So as I'm watching this memory, there's another friend in my base who turns out not to be my friend at all. She's been secretly relaying all of my plans and attacks to our mutual friend who is attacking me. When I find out that there's a spy in my base, I'm going through window where I see a random friend.

Pt 2.

So then this transitions to my reoccurring dream. The earliest moment I remember starts off very dark and macabre. I'm with a couple of my friends and we see this hooligan outside of my house. We head outside to confront him but then he grabs one of my guy friends and slashes his body in half. We are horrified (duh) and we try to run back inside but he shoots my three other guy friends. Me and one of my girl friends make it back inside. We have no idea where the other one is. One of my guy friends isn't dead, so the guy cuts his head off. It's bloody everywhere because he is dismembered our already dead friends. We are hiding behind the door while also looking outside (because there's this panel where we can see outside but out can't see in) and we see the guy come up to us with a gun and he points it at the door. He's on the phone and he's trying to position his gun blindly. He takes a first shot and we scream and scramble. He takes a second blind shot and hits my friend's foot and now she's on the ground trying to crawl. I'm holding on to her and I am dragging her to our safe zone. We run into our other friend who was missing and she's on the phone telling the person where we are in the house. So I get upset because I think she's talking to the guy who was outside. So then I black out. Time has passed (I have no idea what happened in that time) and my father and I are running out of jail into the arms of my mother/his wife.

What had happened was that the guy wanted to get revenge on my father because he thought that my dad indirectly killed his family when he opened his casino. We were held in jail for protective custody until the police can find the man, which they did. We learned that it wasn't my father's fault because it wasn't even his casino because my dad is a doctor who doesn't gamble. He just got the names confused because of dyslexia or short term memory and information overload. Or something. When I'm done hugging my mother, I see my friend who was on the phone. She came to see me. But I slap her because I think it's her fault that the guy shot our other friend, who ended up dying. But then she was telling me about how she called the police and was giving them where we are as a safety precaution.

And then I wake up.

Weird, weird dream. I know what the first part means, but not the second part...

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