Wednesday, December 3, 2014

On Losing a Friend

Not physically, thankfully.

It's weird. I've lost many friends in the past (like I said, not physically) and I get over it after a while. Shit happens. I happen most of the time (have you met me? I can be a huge and emotional wreck. I even get tired of myself like 62% of the time.) People grow old. People change. Sometimes I get annoyed and I initiate the friendship ending.

But, never have I ever been so fixated on the end of a friendship that I have torn myself to a point where I don't recognize myself anymore.

It's weird. We were the same. We were alike. We were so similar to the point where... Ugh. I can read something you wrote and I'll be like "Did I write this?" Or you can say a word and I'll be like "YEAH FORREALS I KNOW SAME HAHAHA." We were soulmates.

I keep beating myself up, even though it has been over a year that we haven't been friends and I'm still torn.

I just want to be friends again.

It's not the memories I miss, it's you I miss. I miss the good and the bad memories with you because I miss you so much.

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