Wednesday, November 5, 2014

When I'm 30...

So in efforts to procratinate productively, I have decided to take upon the challenge a guest speaker, Christopher Gergen, in my class, Getting Rich by Dr. Lisa Keister, has posed upon us.

He said to write about our lives as if we are 30 and living in a perfect world (or us living our perfect life) and to be as audacious as we want.

To take upon this project, I am going to write a letter as if I am 30 and I will address it to my 19 year old self.

Dear 19 year old, naive, Elodie...

I hope college is going well for you. Don't worry, even when you think everything is going to go to shit, you're going to do fine. I promise. I wouldn't be writing to you if things turned out horrible. I know you are debating to take a gap year and go do something cray (yes, I still say these hip words, hun) before you go finish school, but I really liked just going straight to law school. Yes! You do get accepted to law school. No, you aren't going to anything below Tier 1, so take multiple chill pills. I know you're freaking out right now. But I won't tell you where I went... But I know you're going to make the right choice ;-).

So. Law school was GRUESOME. But don't let it discourage you... greatly. Yes, you kinda do flail around in the deep end for a while, but you find your footing <3. Did I mention you meet a hunky dude? Guess what? We. Are. Married. HOLLAAAAA. (Please don't judge 30 year old me, okay?) I'm not going to tell you what he's like, but when you meet him, you'll know. I know we decided to have twins via a surrogate, but I skipped all that and had a child naturally. I know you're grimacing and reaching over to your anti-wrinkle cream because I am stressing you out. But it is just so magical to see your stomach grow and then deflate when you have the baby. I'm not going to tell you the gender, but the baby is precious! And... I'm pregnant again!!! I know... Why would I have TWO natural births? 30 year old me is a lot more different than 19 year old you. But after this one, I swear, we are going to adopt, okay? Don't worry... Your pretty figure (I hope you're working out...) stays intact.

Oh! We also postponed the dogs. We are getting the first one when the first baby turns 3 years old :-). We think it's better that way. 

You're probably wondering if you ended up living with your parents for a while after law school. Yes, you did. It's okay. It was great and humbling. That small town firm really helped you figure out your life. BUT, you do move away. And you move into a beautiful single family home with your husband. Not too big, not too small, and it has a generous front and back lawn for the kids and dogs to run around it. Oh, you're still driving around Sushi. She runs great. Yes, she is still glittery. 

Oh. I never really told you what I do. Well, I'm a lawyer. I don't want to tell you what type because I'm afraid I am going to prematurely sway you, but you're doing great things, Elodie. I know you decided to do white collar criminal defense, which was really fun, but now you're giving back to the community in ways you didn't even think was possible... Before you say it, no, it wasn't for propping you up for your Congressional race. It was because you actually liked it. I know... shocker! You really do turn out alright, kid. You're worrying for nothing.

This doesn't mean to continue on the same track you're on right now. I know you're probably trying to crank out multiple seasons of your shows on Netflix, but you need to focus on your work. You run into something (or someone, hehe) that makes you change your whole entire outlook on life. When this happens, GO WITH IT! I know you're afraid of failure, but, girl, you were so audacious once. Remember? I do. I'm you, hehe. What happened to you (us?) We were much more afraid of regret than failure. But now I'm back to being afraid of regret and this life is awesome.

So if you don't glean anything from this letter, remember this: Your only fear should be fear of regret, not failure. Keep that mindset and you will definitely end up where I am.

30 year old, smarter and hotter, Elodie

P.S. And because I know you're waiting for this... Yes, your bag, shoe, and makeup collections are still pretty unrivaled. You can now sleep easy knowing this.

P.P.S. You're also the most fashionable in the work place. But that studded blazer you were thinking of wearing to your law school interview... Don't do it. Go with the pink, I promise you'll like it better.

P.P.P.S. The pink blazer and the fear of regret are the only two important things of this letter.

Love you! 

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